Welcome to Falbo Bros Pizzeria

Thanks for choosing Falbo Bros.! Get ready for a unique pizza experience. Before they try our pizza, people always ask us "What is your pizza like?" "Is it Chicago style? New York style?" The answer is...neither! Our pizza is unique. We have taken inspirations from New York style thin crust pizza, Chicago Style deep dish and stuffed pizza and created our own unique style.

We make all of our pizzas the old fashioned way, the crust is rolled by hand, using dough made fresh by hand every few hours. The sauce is made from scratch, fresh every day. Our philosophy on cheese and toppings is simple, we put a ton of both on every pizza...skimping is for the other guys.

We feature three kinds of pizza:
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Thin Crust
Our thin crust pizza is rolled by hand, baked to a crispy golden brown directly on old fashioned stone deck ovens (don't even think of mentioning conveyor belts). 

Deep Dish
Pizza cooked in a 2 inch pan, loaded with cheese.  If you are a fan of a hearty pizza with an abundance of cheese and toppings then this should be your choice.

Stuffed Pizza
Although similar to an original Chicago style stuffed , our stuffed pizza has its own unique quality.  Loaded with cheese and toppings, baked slowly in our special ovens and over 2 inches thick...you've never had a pizza like this before!

Although Falbo Bros. is technically a chain each of our stores has various unique menu items, so please check each stores individual menu before ordering.  Thank you again for choosing  Falbo Bros. Pizzeria!